Quality and production process

What guarantees the quality of our products?


Aside from our specialized staff, passion is extremely important for the quality of our work. We have a strong passion for cannabis and we want to share it with the world.

Our crops

Each year we select certified hemp seeds to sow, and in May we plant them in the fields of southern Poland.


The end of summer is harvest time. We use manual and mechanical processes. First, we cut the flowers, then the stalks, or hemp straw. The flowers are cured in special dryers to prepare them for processing into CBD and CBG extracts, cooking oil, flour, protein, and other products.

Production and quality tests

We pay special attention to the quality of processed raw materials and carefully supervise the production process. Quality control begins at the stage of selecting certified seeds for sowing and ends when the finished product is delivered to the consumer. We have developed a proprietary method of harvesting and drying the flowers, as well as an effective method of oil extraction.

CO2 extraction

All our extracts are produced in a supercritical carbon dioxide extraction process. The entire process is completely safe and has no negative impact on the environment or the final product.

We are true to nature and we do not interfere with the natural composition of our products. We use only necessary plant ingredients and leave the rest to nature.