Our brands

Cannabis Originals - logo

Cannabis Originals is a brand of products based on CBD, CBDa and CBG and other compounds naturally found in hemp flowers. They are dedicated to everyone who appreciates nature's goodness and high quality.

Cannabis Animals - logo

Cannabis Animals is a line of CBD extracts from hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) flowers dedicated to animals. The natural composition and beneficial properties of the plant ensure your pet's vitality.

Konopie w kuchni - logo

Hemp in the Kitchen is a series created out of passion and fascination with hemp in the culinary arts. We believe in the principles underlying the Slow Food social movement and thus focus on the natural composition of food. With a wealth of natural fats and proteins, hemp supports a healthy diet based on food produced in harmony with nature.

Akademia Dobrych Konopii - logo

Dobre Konopie Academy is an educational initiative. Experts who use hemp products every day explain how to solve specific problems. Our Ambassadors include physiotherapists, herbal and phytotherapy experts, nutritionists, conventional medical doctors, athletes, as well as a psychologist and veterinarians. Follow, subscribe and discover the health-promoting properties of the compounds contained in this amazing plant!

Cannabis Hero - logo

HERO - Hemp products for active people, designed for professional and hobby athletes.

Dobrekonopie - logo

DobreKonopie.pl - first online store and hemp wholesaler in Poland. The highest quality hemp (Cannabis Sativa L.) is grown from Polish crops located in the south of the country.

We launched our first products in 2016. As cannabis enthusiasts, we have approached Mother Nature with due respect from the very beginning. We believe that what goes around comes around. Therefore, you will not find pesticides or other harmful substances in our products. Thanks to innovative production methods and pure composition, we offer 100% hemp in every bite and sip.