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Everything started in 2001 with Ewa Melania Gryt, the founder of Dobrekonopie.pl and one of the pioneers of the hemp business in Poland. Ewa was fascinated by the topic of the forest ecosystem and one day she watched a documentary about the incredible potential of using hemp straw to make paper.

One sentence from that movie stuck in my head: "One hectare of one-year hemp crop can yield 2.5 times more cellulose than the annual growth in one hectare of a 60-year-old forest.” That's when I decided to pursue this subject," says Ewa Melania Gryt.

The beginning was extremely difficult because hardly anyone in Poland remembered how to grow hemp. But Ewa was relentless! She arranged meetings with farmers in agricultural advisory centers and spoke about hemp until she finally convinced them to take up the challenge. Shortly after that, a period of prosperity followed.

Between 2011 and 2015, together with our research team, we carried out a project co-financed with EU funds, which created a semi-technological line for waste-free production of hemp cellulose for the paper industry.

The next success was the opening of the first in Poland online store and wholesale offering products from hemp seed, including CBD extracts, CBG, and food products made from the seeds.

Today we are one of the leading producers of hemp in Poland and one of the very few who grow and process the plant in this country.

Our history


Start of work on technology for waste-free hemp cellulose production


Establishment of the first scientific team and commencement of laboratory work


First hemp crops


Ewa Gryt and her research team launch a project to build a technological line to produce cellulose for the paper industry The project called "Waste-free technology for the production of hemp cellulose, ethanols and feed protein" was financed by the EU funds.


Establishment of General Hemp Marketing company


Launch of DobreKonopie.pl online store


Manufacturing products under DobreKonopie.pl brand, including CBD oils, hemp protein, hemp flour, hemp oil


Extension of the product range - tea "Konopielka"


Extension and redesign of the Hemp in the Kitchen line, changing the name of the extracts to Cannabis Originals, creating three new lines of extracts: Raw, Spectrum, Pro.


Membership in the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA)

Our philosophy and mission

Our philosophy is to draw on the wisdom of Nature while respecting Mother Earth. Our mission is to utilize all parts of the plant, from seed to straw. At the same time we want to demonstrate the incredible health-promoting and protective potential for humans and their environment. Our team is composed of qualified specialists and hemp aficionados who guarantee the highest quality of every product that reaches you.